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Computer Arts - February 2013
Titre : Computer Arts - February 2013
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Computer Arts is the leading magazine for designers, illustrators and creative professionals. Every month in the magazine you’ll find a plethora of inspiration, creative software skills and industry advice, all aimed at making you a better – and more successful – designer. Our Output section brings you the world’s best design work, and our new section, The design manual, is your essential desk companion – a collection of advice, tips and opinion that will help you complete your real-world, daily design challenges in double-quick time. And our Creative Skills section is the only place to find cutting-edge software skills and techniques to improve your design workflow. Every issue we feature pro skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash and more – making Computer Arts the ultimate guide to becoming a more versatile creative pro, and helping you undertake your creative challenges faster. We also bring you exclusive video tuition from our tutorial writers and Studio Life – a series of HD short films going behind the scenes at the world’s biggest agencies. It’s simple. If you want to be a better designer, you need Computer Arts.

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Computer Arts


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